The Crown Jewel

So with my WA ,Open Education Project Review out of the way, it may seam obvious that Wealthy Affiliate is held up as the Crown Jewel of Internet Business training on this site. With that known, I assure you that I will be reviewing other Internet Marketing sites in future blogs. I started out with my favorite of course, but I am open minded and curious as well to see what else out there can hold a candle to our precious WA.

I also feel that it is my duty to point out the real scams and traps that exist online, so you won’t fall pray as you search for your perfect fit of a training program. At this capacity I will be revealing some of the experiences that I had on my way to discovering WA. These incidences are what helped me recognize the value of WA as a safe alternative to the scams and frauds that litter the internet. Perhaps the biggest value the WA has to offer is the training and hands-on support that is Wealthy Affiliate. Have a look at this discussion I posted in one of WA’s classrooms. Surprise Support that is Ongoing. 

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