Marketing Your Passions Online

Your passions are the seasoning that gives life its flavor and makes it worth living.

We all look forward to doing the things that make our life’s whole. After the day is done  you find great pleasure in just sitting down with your friend Bob and talking about the Whitewater Rafting trip you just did together. Bob has always looked up to you for your expertise on the subject. You explain to him how important it is to balance your raft for the different classes of rapids you plan to encounter on any given trip. He, views this as some new and valuable information which he didn’t know before.

Now, its not likely that Bob is going to hand you over a Twenty Dollar Bill for the information you just shared with him, and why would you expect him to? You did spark a quest for more knowledge on the subject however. So, Bob goes home and gets on the Internet to do some more research and finds an e-book on how to properly stock and rig a raft for class 4 rapids, You can bet that your free information is what prompted him to purchase that twenty dollar e-book. Whitewater rafting is just an example used here to show you what can happen, and my next step is to outline how you can set yourself up as the recipient of that Twenty Dollar Bill.

Bob is your friend and friends share information all the time, Giving information away for free is like making friends online and often leads to the purchase of even more information such as e-books, , DVDs on the subject or even a membership site. Marketing your passions through a nicely designed website or blog is just like sitting down and talking with Bob yet your audience is much larger and through your conversation you offer free information. Small free reports, PDFs, Quick Start guides and news letters are great offers to give in exchange for your audiences names and E-mail addresses. This allows you to build a list of even more friends that you can contact directly for when you have developed a new product such as the e-book that Bob purchased.

Picking your Passion-Fruit

The passions that people have fueling all the different niches on the web are endless. Nutrition & weight loss, Coin collecting, Model trains, Martial arts, Animal Husbandry, the list goes on and on.

Creating and Writing your own e-books on the subject of your passion and then selling them on the Internet is great. But there are many other ways to cultivate your passions into Passion-fruit. Affiliate sales of information like an E-book or published books that someone  else wrote, software or actual manufactured goods related to any given niche is another great way of generating income on line. This way you don’t need to create anything. You promote someone else’s product and receive a commission from the sales of those products.

This is the digital age of publishing where anyone can do it. All you need is a computer a PDF converter software which is free, the word processor on your computer and access to the Internet, Anyone can write an e-book or information product and distribute it or give it away for free on the web. Ordinary people like you and me do it with success. And some folks are selling thousands of copies every month. It doesn’t take a lot to start because e-books are easy to distribute and you have almost no costs to cover. When your e-book is finished you can make it available for download and promoted on the World Wide Web. You can also let other people help you promote and sell your e-book by setting up an affiliate or reseller program.

Before you say I can’t write an e-book because I’ve never taken a writing class. I have nothing to write about. Listen here. Anyone with a passion about a subject that he or she likes can write about it. Think of hobbies. Think about people asking you advice about what you do for fun. What are you reading about all the time. What is something that you would be doing anyway. Whether you got paid to do it or not. Taking what special skills and knowledge you have and writing about them is not rocket science. If you know a lot about dogs, gardening, scuba diving whatever you care about, you have knowledge. Knowledge is what it takes to write. Sharing knowledge is an extremely profitable business online. Info products like PDF Files are often called e-books, have proven to be the best-selling item on the Internet. People always have a need for information and if you can provide it to them by teaching them how to do things better, you’ll be rewarded.

Passive income means that you get paid over and over for something that you did one time. It’s like sowing the seeds of your passion fruit and just watching it grow. Planting new seeds along the way. Watering and weeding it from time to time. That growth is profit money in your PayPal account and freedom to do other things. Perhaps it is to expand your online business or to take some time off because you got income to pay your bills replace your job, enjoy your retirement. That’s why people get so excited about writing their own e-books and being paid over and over every time someone buys their book.

I’m not going to tell you all this and leave you hanging. Now we get to the good stuff. The meat and potatoes,  where the rubber meets the road.

The right Education and Training are key to putting these ideas into context and action..


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