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Hi my name Is Casey,  AKA “Cacaoboy”   ( I have a passion for chocolate )

I have other passions as well and one of them is helping others.

This site really serves as a sign post, pointing the way for others to find and harness their own passions. Once they can get up and start riding, the drive of their passion can take them to new heights and ultimately their own freedom.

As people toil in their day to day jobs, many feel as if they are always loosing steam just trying to keep up with life’s demands. Their passions which they engage in on the weekends  are there to recharge that steam, only later to be bled off  again through the drudgery of the daily grind. Well guess what, there is only one way to go full steam ahead!

Get on, ride and don’t look back.

Now you may ask, what about that sign post you told us about.? Where dose it take us?

It is a trail head to a path by which you will learn how to turn your passion into gold, or a new income stream.  Along the way you find the knowledge, guidance, support, tools and real people like you and me, sharing their experiences to help you succeed                    This new found income stream can fuel your freedom and the world may become your oyster.

Now a little more about myself

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This is my wife and I, Geo-Caching near Craters of the Moon National Park in Idaho

I was born in Rigby a tiny town in southeastern Idaho, which happens to be the birth place of Television, invented by Philo T Farnsworth (though I prefer to think he really invented the computer screen which has been much more beneficial to society than TV).

I was raised by modest means. Both my parents struggled to raise 4 boys, me being the youngest, in a strong religious community. Having left home early at age 14, I lived with  two of my older brothers in Washington State. It was here that I was exposed to the outdoor life, namely mountain climbing. This experience got into my blood and stayed there till the present, Though I no longer engage in the hard core aspects of mountaineering such as ice and rock climbing, I  still  enjoy vigorous treks in the higher grounds with my wife and two boys. Geo-caching is one of our newest passions and we go Geo-caching frequently. We also enjoy skiing, camping, mountain biking, rollerblading, and spending time in our garden during the growing season. I say we because my family is truly my biggest passion but I don’t want to struggle to support them like me parents did, I want us to have the freedom to keep doing the things we enjoy, keeping our steam built up so we can continue to go full steam ahead.

I am not some Big Shot Internet Marketing Guru, I am one of the a fore mentioned people, a student doing just what I am describing here, following my passions and turning them into an income online.

I am simply here to show others the way to do this. The safe and ethical way, avoiding the scams that plague the internet with offers to get rich quick.

The only real way is to Learn and Earn.

The key to unlocking this power is the proper education, utilizing cutting edge methods and technology, presented by the most  successful Internet Entrepreneurs and Educators on this planet.  I am part of a community of thousands of Internet marketers guided by these teachers. Kyle and Carson the founders of a community of internet marketers helping each other, Just like study groups in a university.

It is Wealthy Affiliate’s, Open Education Project  and you are invited to class , For free .  No obligations to buy anything.

If you choose to join us, I will be there to help you , You can find me here. ~Cacaoboy~ This will take you to my profile page and a chance for my to take you by the hand, show you around, introduce you to the right people, and get you started on the appropriate training for your passion.

Take this invitation as a sincere offering of good will. My intentions are to help people find their Virtual Gold



If there is anyway I can help you, please leave your request in the comment field below. and I will respond promptly. Or you can visit me inside Wealthy Affiliate.                                                     Here is my profile link.  Cacaoboy

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7 comments on “About Me and this site

  1. Wendy on said:

    Hi Casey, I think it is great that you are willing to help others and pass on your success. It is nice to read that people other then the Guru’s have success online.

    • Casey Hill on said:

      Hi Wendy
      Thank you for visiting my site. I slipped on over to yours. Looks good! Are you doing the boot camp?
      I am so excited for the rest of our training. This is where things really start happening, like getting comments. You are my first.
      Thanks again. See you in class.

  2. Emma Fellini on said:

    Hi Casey, I like the way you point out that personal passions are the driving force to online achievements. I also relate to equating WA community to study groups at university. I think that´s the winning combination that makes learning at WA such a rewarding experience.
    See you at class, is catchy!

    • Casey Hill on said:

      Hi Emma
      Ya, marketing your passions is sort of my niche within the broader work from home niche. I think older folks that have a lot of knowledge accumulated through life can turn it into income by just learning how and applying it. WA is the perfect fit. I am excited thinking of all those that can help their-selves by investing in something they already have. Themselves.

  3. Brad Strand on said:

    “Take my hand, I’m a stranger in [virtual] paradise…” But seriously, this looks interesting, even though I don’t know what’s going on here. I want to make some extra ‘easy’ money like anyone else. What do I do? Your site layout looks pretty good and professional. It takes a lot of tweaking and revising as you go – as I’ve learned doing a couple of my own blog sites. Well, good luck and happy blogging!

  4. Tristan on said:

    This website looks very nice. I’m having trouble making mine the way I want it. Do you know which theme you chose?

    • Casey Hill on said:

      thank you Tristan for the complement. i use the simplest WordPress theme Twenty Twelve off of the suggested customize function.
      It took some time to find a header image i like. Even Kyle didn’t like my last one. But I am still shopping for something more apropos.


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